12 ways to stay motivated to workout

We all have goals to lose weight and to get in great shape. A lot of times we can motivate ourselves enough to keep up our routine for a few days or even weeks. But somewhere along the way we lose that momentum. Maybe we're not seeing results as quickly as we'd like or we're getting tired of the diet and exercise. I go through it all the time and I know how much it sucks. I hope these suggestions can help you guys stay or get motivate :)

1. Try not to skip Mondays - By working out on the least favorite day of the week it conditions my mind into thinking other days will be a piece of cake. If you can workout on a Monday morning or evening then you can for sure find that same courage for any other day of the week.

2. No more than 2 days - Even if I miss a day or two of working out I make sure that I'm back to the gym on that third day. This is very important when keeping up a workout routine. It's so easy to get out of the mindset of working out as 2 days can gradually lead to an entire week out of the gym.

3. Workout hard on good days, long on bad days - life has a way of throwing a few curve balls your way so when I get a good day I try to make the most of it. On these days I run as hard as I can and do as much strength training as possible. The first thing that tends to go on sad days is your motivation. On these days I don't worry about speed or intensity. Instead I focus on long, slower runs or even walks.

4. Include cross training and other exercises - doing the same workout day-in and day-out can get boring after a while both physically and mentally. To avoid this I try to mix it up each day. Sometimes I'll break up my miles and do strength training in between. Or I'll do sprints and hills another day. I just try not to do only cardio everyday.

5. Hide the scale - it's evil and it hates you lol just kidding. But seriously guys, it's not worth the emotional shock of not seeing a lower number. I'm currently as lean as I was in high school but I weight almost 15 more pounds. How is that possible? It all comes down to muscle vs fat. I have more muscle in my body. One pound of muscle is so much smaller than one pound of fat. So it takes up less space (making you appear more lean) but weighs just as much. Weird right? That's why I'm suggesting to ditch the scale (for now at least).

6. Move on from mistakes - So you overate a ton of unhealthy food. Instead of beating yourself up or throwing away your entire clean eating regime just make sure your next meal is healthy. Have some protein (chicken breast, bean chili, etc). This will help stabilize all that sugar in your body and prevent a crash while curbing your cravings.  So next time you mess up just brush it off and make your next meal or snack as healthy as you can make it.

7. Stay active throughout the day - I sit and work in a cubicle for 8-9 hours a day. That's a lot of sitting for basically half of the time I'm awake. Sitting that long can actually be exhausting and at the end of the day results in exercise being the last thing on your mind. To combat this fatigue I try to move around as frequently as I can.  This keeps my blood flowing and gives me enough energy to stay motivated to work out when I get home.

8. Eat healthy foods you enjoy - eating healthy foods should not be depressing. If it is then you are doing it wrong. I suggest finding healthy foods you enjoy and making healthy versions of foods that you used to eat. If all you eat is sadness then you won't keep your new habits very long.

9. Get enough sleep - if you don't get at least 6 hours of sleep you're not going to be running at optimum levels. Sleep is so important when it comes to diet and exercise. Running on less sleep throughout the day means more snacking and less moving. So be sure to make it a priority to catch those z's.

10. Stretch, relax, and treat injuries - after each workout I make a point to stretch very deeply and for along time. I'll also throw in a hot bath and soak for a few minutes to relax my muscles. If you don't learn to listen to your body there is a chance you could be causing injury. When you get injured that can completely throw off your fitness and health goals especially if you've never dealt with an injury before.

11. Create a vision board - Start a motivation board of images and quotes that inspire you. I use Pinterest to create fitness motivation boards that I scroll through right before every workout. doing this can sometimes be that extra little push I need to get going.

12. Not all results are external - sometimes we can't see the changes after keeping up with our fitness routine and diet. But a lot of the changes are happening internally in the form or reducing visceral fat around your organs and removing toxins from your body. Just keep pushing and one day you'll wake up and bam! you'll start seeing results.


Why I run in the morning

I've been running in the morning for a few weeks now and I'm honestly surprised I've kept it up this long. For starters, I'm not a morning person, and running this early hasn't changed that one bit lol. I'm the keep pushing snooze, 5 more minutes type of girl that is always rushing out the door at the last minute. But then one night I went to bed early enough and got up two hours earlier than normal. Out of curiosity I decided to try my daily workout in the morning rather than waiting until after work. Then I did it again, and again and now I'm hooked. It's now part of my morning routine, sort of like brushing my teeth and taking a shower. It's weird but what's even more weird is how much it has affected my life... in a really good way.

Rise before the world -  at 5:30 6-ish I'm probably the only one awake in my apartment complex. The world is so quiet and the air is crisp and fresh. I can tell everyone is still asleep by the silent hum around me and it's like this weird "twilight zone" time of day. I'm pretty grumpy on my walk to the gym but I've already made up my mind to go. The thought that there are only a handful of people including myself up at this time really makes you feel like you're experiencing a different part of life that most people tend to sleep through.

Quiet time to reflect - with all this solitude I can take a moment to pause and think clearly about life, my day or anything that might be on my mind. Human interaction doesn't really exist at this time so it's just a girl and her thoughts running for no particular reason to no particular place. I catch my rhythm by the second mile and after that it's just me and my brain having a conversation.

Control of my day - by doing something I choose first thing in the morning I'm taking control of my day. I got up this early not for work but for me. It means that Mondays are no longer "work" days but instead the first run of each week. That really changes your psychology when you think about it. It takes back the power we tend to lose in this paycheck driven life and sets the tone for the rest of the week.

Eat the frog - when you do something as difficult as running 3-6 miles first thing in the morning you are truly "eating the frog". Anything that may happen the rest of the day will most likely be less difficult mentally and physically. This helps me put things into perspective whenever I sense pressure or stress. I just tell myself, hey you did this tough thing already, so this really isn't as hard in comparison. After you reach a certain level of fitness (And no, I don't mean skinny,..) your run becomes 95% mental. You're not tired physically, your brain is just not conditioned for this strenuous activity. By training your mind to do this you develop not only endurance but self control, self awareness, and discipline.

Put myself first - usually when you think of treating yourself you picture facials, shopping sprees, things like that. But for some reason I feel that making time for your health by exercising is the best way to treat yourself. Exercise ensures you are healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally. Did you know that exercise can fight depression and anxiety? There are these things called endorphins that cause "runner's high". Trust me, it's the real deal.

Make myself proud - if you work a 9-5 job you're probably making sure you get your job done properly so you don't get in trouble or fired. If you commute you're constantly making sure you don't break any laws. You try to have a good relationship with your family and friends. You make sure you look clean and well put together for the office. So basically you knowingly or unknowingly try to impress everyone around you. When I do my run in the morning I impress myself first. I'm amazed first of all that I even got out of bed and made it to the gym. But to then run three miles most days just really makes me proud of myself.

So guys, I'm not telling you to run in the morning. no one told me to. I just happened to do it one day and liked the results. I'm still not a morning person. And I'm still super pissed off as I leave my warm comfy bed to walk through the parking lot on cold mornings. But we do a lot of things we don't want to do in life anyway that is usually dictated by someone else. So I decided to do something for me first thing in the morning to make time for myself. So far I have no complaints. I'm more mindful of what I put in my body the rest of the day, I'm less stressed at work and have a lot more energy. Not to mention I'm getting stronger, faster and sleeping better.

In the end I think as long as you exercise (regardless of time of day) you're doing your body a huge favor. Whatever time you choose just remember that consistency is key :)


Fashion trends this Summer

We're well into the summer season and I can't help but notice some super cute trends popping up on the fashion scene. These trends are easy to attain and are both functional while still cute. Here are a few of my favorite looks so far.

Cold Shoulders


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Hats and Playsuits

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Shiny Shades

Shoulder Bags

Strappy Chunky Heels


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I just think these are all so cute you guys! Summers are the best :)
What are your favorite styles right now?


How to lose weight at work

When you spend 40+ hours a week in one place you eventually develop daily habits that can make or break your health goals. A lot of us have a few pounds we'd like to lose here and there but we can't seem to wake up early enough to go to the gym. Then by the time we get home, make dinner, etc we are too exhausted to even think about working out.

So how do we get to our weight and fitness goals with all these dilemmas? We need to find ways to work out and be healthy while on the job. Here are some things I do everyday (or try to) in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle around the clock.

Drink green tea - Tea really does a great job of keeping hunger at bay. It magically speeds up your metabolism and burns belly fat (mostly around the stomach area). There are many varieties of green tea with some being a lot stronger in flavor (oolong) or more mild (jasmine). I tend to stick to typical green tea or peppermint on a daily basis. I always drink mine without a sweetener but if you have to sweeten it use a little honey. I'd aim for 3-4 cups a day.

Take the stairs or park farther away - making these two subtle changes can have a huge effect on your weight loss. By taking the stairs and/or parking farther away you are burning calories and building muscles. So next time you are tempted to take the elevator just take the stairs instead. And rather than fighting for the closest parking spot choose one with a bit more distance. Trust me these little things will pay off big time!

Take a walk on your lunch break - a really great way to burn major calories is to go on a walk after or before you've had your lunch. Be sure you wear or bring comfortable shoes to the office for this. Do this everyday and you're bound to see some changes. Plus a midday walk will energize you and fight that afternoon funk we always seem to get.

Pack a healthy breakfast and lunch - plan a healthy breakfast and lunch early enough so you're not rushing out the door and grabbing whatever you can. Always eating out for lunch limits your control over your exact calorie intake. Preparing healthy meals for work ensure you stay within your calorie limit. Remember, abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym!

Keep healthy snacks - we all get the munchies at work and it's so easy to run to the store or the vending machine for a snack. These seemingly small snacks pack on major calories and sugar and can be detrimental to your weight loss goals. To avoid this be sure to pack some fruit, veggies, or nuts to snack on throughout the day.

Drink a lot of water - this is so important you guys. Be sure to drink at least half your weight in water (oz). So if you weight 150 lbs that's 75 oz which is about 4.5 (16 oz) water bottles or 9 (8 oz) glasses of water. When you don't drink enough water your body will store a lot of toxins, salt and water that can make you appear a lot heavier than you actually are (i.e. water weight).

Get up, stretch, and walk around - sitting for long periods of time can slow down your metabolism and tighten your muscles. Be sure to stretch every hour to help your blood circulation and keep your muscles active. Plus if you're drinking all that water and tea you'll be getting up frequently anyway to use the restroom.

Exercise in the bathroom - this might seem a little weird but just bear with me. When you go to the bathroom try doing some squats and lunges. You already know or have at least heard of these amazing workouts. Try doing 15 each and each week slowly build up your repetitions. These are a sure fire way to tone and tighten your legs and butt.

Learn to say no - this is probably the most important tip. I can't tell you how many times a week someone brings in donuts and baked goods. It takes a lot of self-control but each treat does seriously add up. So next time someone mentions free pizza or cake just gracefully decline, eat some fruit and go on a walk girl. You got this! and remember you're not the only one trying to make healthy choices. Try reaching out to fellow health conscious coworkers for support if that helps :)