How To Overcome Depression and Anxiety

Sunday, September 20, 2015 0 Comments

Anxiety is a real thing you guys and it's something that can affect your life in a lot of ways. Episodes can be brought on by too much stress, a bad diet, or side effects of medication. If you feel that you have anxiety you  may also be effected by symptoms of OCD and depression. A lot of times these are just brushed off as nothing but if these issues are not addressed they can lead to drastic physical, emotional and mental damage.

Symptoms of anxiety: some of the main symptoms I've found are trouble sleeping, shortness of breath, panic, worry, and fear. At times you may feel nausea, uneasiness, and heart palpitations. WebMD

Symptoms of Depression: depression can cause feelings of hopelessness, loss of interest in things you love doing, anxious or sad feelings all the time, fatigue and loss of energy, no appetite or overeating. WebMD

Symptoms of OCD: symptoms of  OCD include constantly arranging things in a particular order, having to always do something a certain way, repeating words, phrases, etc. numerous times, collecting and hoarding things of no particular value. WebMD

I believe that although a lot of these are genetic and may need the treatment of a doctor and medication you can still do your part at home to work on these issues.

Get better sleep - it's great to always get more sleep but you have to make sure you're getting better sleep as well. Turn off all electronics, play relaxing music or nature sounds (rain, the ocean) in the background, spray lavender or vanilla on your pillow, wash your bedding (including pillows), clear your mind.

Get moving - you really need to start doing some kind of exercise routine. This could be a few jumping jacks in your room, walking around the block, or heading to the gym to run on the treadmill. Whatever it is you have to start doing something. Exercise benefits our bodies in many way and can actually lift your mood. Ever heard of "runners high"? It's a really thing and is the feeling you get after you exercise.

Improve your diet - constantly feeding your body processed, fried and sugary foods is killing you literally. It's not helping you in any way nutritionally and may be contributing to your symptoms. For starters I would try taking a multivitamin and the next time you head to the grocery store be sure to make a list of planned, healthy meals so you can get the ingredients you need.

Better people -surrounding yourself with negative, passive aggressive people who blame the world for everything may be another contribution to your symptoms. I understand that a lot of times we don't have a choice especially if these people are your family but you need to ensure that what they does not affect you as much until you can be on your own. And when you are finally on your own be sure not to find the same types of people for your social circle (a lot of times we are drawn to people we are used to and that's not always a good thing).

Keep a journal - this may be the first and most important thing you do. It's hard sometimes to talk to someone about the struggle you are going through but it's not that hard to put pen to paper. Start today and make as may entries you like. Be sure to write a date and time and how you are feeling that day. Then just write about things you did, thought about, people you spoke to, etc. This is a great way to get out built up emotions and to free your mind. It's also a good way to express yourself as people who have anxiety and depression may struggle with self expression.

If you're going through depression, anxiety or OCD don't worry. Things might seem really hopeless and you wish you could just be normal. But I mean, what's really normal? Sometimes people act like nothing is bothering them and they may have the worst issues in the world. Always be grateful for what you have and just work to improve yourself. Everything takes time but you have to just do a little bit each day and slowly you'll start to see improvements.

Note for parents: if you see that your child shows any of these signs please do not ignore it. The worst thing that can happen is to lose someone from these things. Get them help if they wont speak to you.


Do you suffer from any of these conditions? What have you done or what are you doing now to help you manage your symptoms?