Why It's Normal To Get Jealous

Pictures this,  you're on your phone scrolling through the feed of some social network. All you see are pictures of amazing people doing amazing things. Your first reaction may be happiness but after seeing 10 or 20 of these you start wondering why you're life isn't like that. Slowly you start to develop a weird feeling in your gut. That feeling is most likely jealousy.

This happens to each and every one of us and it is absolutely normal... and healthy. However, what's not healthy is when you think negatively of that person or feel they don't deserve what they have. We don't know someone's struggles and what they have to face each and every day. So before you start to judge them always try your best to keep that in mind. Here are some ways to ensure you stay positive and avoid letting jealousy turn you into a negative Nancy :)

Hidden Insecurities - usually when we become jealous of someone it's because we want what they have. That may be their good looks, vibrant personality, great job, etc. Maybe you're jealous of that super fit girl because you really want to get in shape. Maybe you're jealous of that beautiful girl and thinks she wears too much makeup because you secretly wish you looked like her. Whatever it may be you just have to know that when you feel jealousy you should take a long hard look at yourself and honestly find out why you feel that way.

Use it as inspiration -  rather than moping around feeling negatively towards a person you should use their success as inspiration to work on your own goals. Seeing someone prosper should not be the source of your unhappiness. In fact you should remind yourself to feel happy for that person thereby freeing yourself of any destructive emotions that would hinder you from reaching your own goals.

Don't be so hard on yourself - you have to understand that everyone gets jealous at some point in their life. When you find yourself becoming jealous of someone try your best to remember that it's a normal human emotion and that you have full control over how you choose to react. I would suggest that you remain grateful for what you have, change what you aren't happy with and be happy for what others accomplished.

Each morning I make a point of taking a few minutes to reflect on all the things for which I'm grateful. I am thankful for what I have so far and that motivates me to reach my future goals. So the next time you feel jealousy rearing it's green little face be sure to remember that it's normal to feel that way. All you have to do is be sure to avoid any feelings of negativity and instead try to refocus that energy on being happy for that person and motivating yourself.


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