8 ways to prevent work place weight gain

Did you get the memo for the "office 15"? I sure didn't. And it wasn't until my clothes started to get really snug that I realized what was really going on. It turns out all those lunch time outings and daily break room desserts (usually left over cake from a meeting or party) were causing the pounds to pack on. And my measly 3 workouts a week at just 30 minutes each weren't able to keep up. So, I decided to take a deep, hard look at myself and came up with a plan that for the past 3 months has been both realistic and effective.

Have something to eat as soon as you get into work - I believe they refer to this as "breakfast" but I like to think of it as an early morning snack. For me this is usually an apple or some plain steel cut oats with flax seeds and cinnamon. I'll usually have some hot tea with this as well. All of this would usually tie me over until about 11:00 am or even noon.

Drink lots of water - Honestly I would say you should be refilling your water bottle at least 4 times a day. Supermodel Adriana Lima drinks 1 gallon a day! I mean look at her....nuff' said.

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Get that water grrrrl!

Go for a walk in the morning (and afternoon if you can) - not only are walks refreshing but they also aid in weight loss and lowered stress. I noticed that my concentration was more than doubled after coming back from a walk. Things that seemed impossible to solve were now clear as day.

Get up from your desk every hour - if you're drinking water at this rate then you'll automatically get up every hour just to use the restroom or refill your bottle. But if you're not that frequent then try setting a little reminder on your phone or computer that tells you to at least stand up and stretch a bit.

Snack every time you feel hungry - The days of starving yourself skinny are long gone and have been proven wrong on so many levels. If you feel hungry then eat! but eat wisely. keep a couple snacks on hand: almonds, fruits, veggies. Things that take little to no prep that you can just munch on throughout the day.

Eat right before you leave work - Here's something that took me a while to pick up on. I was doing so well throughout the day but by the time I was ready to go home I was famished. So much so that I would go home and just eat everything in sight.

My fix: eat something right before you head out the door. That way your chances of going to the gym are much higher and your chances of over eating much lower.

Set a goal for when you get home - Visualize the rest of your day while still at work. What do you see yourself accomplishing for those last 5 or 6 hours in your day. I always try to set myself 3 goals a day. Nothing big, just tiny pieces of much larger goals.

Relax -Always take time to relax. If that means taking a quick bath or a minute to just close your eyes and be thankful for what you have in life. It's very important to have "me" time. Doing this prevents you from burning out, keeps you in touch with yourself and in the end makes you a lot more happy.

Thanks for reading :)

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