Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are engaged!

Are those wedding bells I hear? Why yes, they are. And not just any kind of wedding bells, these are the royal kind. A successful actress, philanthropist, divorcee, and biracial California girl Meghan Markle is engaged to Prince Harry. Queue applause.

So, I've secretly been girl crushing on Meghan since I first caught wind of her popular tv show, Suits. I loved everything about her on that show from her gorgeous, flowing chocolate locks to her impossibly, perfectly fitted outfits. She had a warm elegance to her that was classic and timeless. she was able to be sharp and smart without losing her sweetness and charm. Who wouldn't love someone like that? And then let's not forget the most important thing of all... she was a biracial woman. This means a lot to me as I myself am Biracial as well (black mom, white dad) and just felt such a strong connection to her. She never once made anything she did about her ethnicity or the way she looked. She was hard working, sharp with whit and strikingly beautifully manicured all over. It was a special occasion for me when a new episode came out. My husband didn't quite understand my obsession but still respected it. Slowly I began doing more research outside of her hit show and started learning who she really was. Again, I was completely filled with awe and admiration. She was a speaker for women's rights around the world and had traveled to many less privileged countries to help with their education and water crises. When I think of a well-rounded woman she is the first to come to mind.

Her successful but now closed lifestyle blog, The Tig, was filled with images and suggestions of beautiful places to travel and dine, wise words of comfort and inspiration, beauty and fitness tips, and interviews with some top-level women (Serena Williams anyone?). Her Instagram boasted breathtaking vacation photos, cameos with her celebrity friends, and just effortlessly chic scenarios from her everyday life lounging around at home with her two dogs or taking a stroll to buy a bouquet of her favorite flowers, peonies. She is truly the epitome of a modern day, trend-setting, go-getter woman. And although she is in her late 30's, while I'm in my 20's, I could totally relate and draw inspiration from the life she so fully lived.

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When I got the news of her engagement I was not shocked in the least. Which guy wouldn't want to marry miss Markle? I was very happy with the news and although I knew this meant the end of her acting career I saw it as the beginning of a new adventure for her. Her face, her every move, fashion choices, and acquaintances would be plastered all over the world. A biracial woman, who very fully accepted her dualality was now part of the ever so sacred, seemlingly impermeable royal family. I love everything about this union. And just like the rest of the world, I'll be watching from the sidelines, gaining inspiration from this fascinating woman and secretly hoping to one day see her curly hair ;).


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